Blogging Break

Hello there lovelies!

You might have noticed a little bit of an absence on my blog and I thought I would write a quick post to explain the whole situation.

Recently, I’ve felt stuck in a blogging rut where I’m incredibly unhappy with the content I’m writing so am therefore not posting it. I’ve hit a wall and I’ve decided that a break is the best way to deal with this. Along with other personal matters, I really need time to focus on myself and getting myself happy and feeling positive. I’m sure you’ll all be lovely and completely understanding about the matter as you’re all amazing people and I’m incredibly grateful to have you lovely readers!

I’m likely to remain active on my Instagram account (follow here) so do keep up to date on there if you wish. I can’t say how long this break will be, whether it’ll be a few months or merely another week, however I will be back to blogging in the future!!

Thank you for all being so amazing and supportive!

For now, happy blogging!

E x


My New Mission

Self confidence is something that’s always been in the back of my mind. I know I’m not alone in this at all, in fact every single person in the world has something about them that they don’t like and would like to change if they could. However, growing up really has taught me something about my confidence and that simply is that it’s completely driven by myself. The more I put emphasis on the things I don’t like, the less confident I will feel generally. It sounds cliche and obvious but it really is the truth. But this is where my new mission comes in.. I’ve decided that I’m going to change how I deal with my self confidence and generally be more positive about how I am in this world. Read More »

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser & BareMinerals Complexion Rescue First Impressions & Day Test

Why hello there strangers!!

I sincerely apologise for the lack of posting recently. The past week I’ve had issues with my wifi which has limited my ability to post as well as my frantic schedule leaving me shattered from overtime at work! Anyway, nonetheless, I’m here now and I’m finally posting something I’ve been so excited to write about all week. Last Friday I had a few hours shopping at Westfield in Stratford City in London and I was able to pick up some goodies. Two of those were The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (buy here) and a sample of BareMinerals Complexion Rescue (buy full size here). The next day I had a family event and I thought what better time than then to test out these products for their abilities and wear. This post will be a sort of review on a first impression basis along with some very close photos of my face to show you the way these products look on my face. This part is a big step for me that I’m extremely anxious about but I know how lovely you all will be about this step for me!

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Moving My Blog Forward & Pinterest

Happy June lovelies!

Let’s hope the new month finally brings some more summery weather (I know I’m desperate for some!!).

Anyway, you’ve probably noticed that this is an extra post for the week as I posted my May Favourites/Empties yesterday (read here) but I wanted to share some new changes to my blog as well as new ways to follow me on this vast internet and introduce you all to some new things with Eleanor May’s Thoughts! There are also some more schedule changes I want to make for my posting on here (I feel like I’m constantly changing this up!!) just so you can be aware for when posts will come out.

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May Favourites/Empties

Happy Sunday lovelies!

I hope the weather is much better with you than with me (I’ve got gross overcast weather with a few showers mixed in too!!). I decided I would do my first ever monthly favourites/empties on Eleanor May’s Thoughts as my posting day falls on the last day of the month! I’ve got a mixture of types of things to share with you today from skincare to TV and I’ve really enjoyed reflecting on the past month to choose what I really did love the most.

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Why I Wear Makeup

Hello lovelies!

I want to start this by apologising big time for the delay on this post! I’ve had a super busy week working at a local photography company doing 8 and a half hours a day (which I’m not used to as I’m usually at school!!) so I’ve felt rushed and with no time to spare! But nevertheless here’s the post better late than never!!

I wanted to share a different type of post with you all this week as it’s something I’ve been thinking about recently. As many of you lovelies do, I wear makeup regularly and it’s always something that I’ve just seen done but I wanted to ask myself why do I do it? Read More »

A Huge Thank You!

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Just a quick post today as I have 2 exams tomorrow that I need to study for! However, I didn’t want to leave you all with nothing and definitely didn’t want to forget to thank you all.

On Friday, I hit over 100 followers on my blog (WHAT?!!!!). While this may not be much compared to some others that I follow, I never thought that I would have over 100 followers in about 3 months! I’m so incredibly grateful for every single one of you and I’m definitely very lucky to have such lovely, supportive followers. I love being able to interact with people all around the world with similar interests and sharing my opinions on products/items that are popular in this world.

I’m so glad I took the plunge to start this blog and I definitely do not regret one bit of it! I will continue to use this wonderful world as my getaway from any everyday stress and hopefully make some good content along the way. I am definitely looking to make my blog stronger and more professional looking over the summer once my exams are over so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any changes!

This is all I have time to write for today but I wanted to tell you all how appreciative I am to have you here whether you followed me 3 months or go last week!

Thank you so so so much!!!

Happy blogging!

E x